Talking about some of the best science fiction games

Podtoid 350: Zero Gravity Money Shot

No Man’s Sky is the big story these days, and it got us thinking about some of our favorite science fiction games and series over the years. There have been some good ‘uns. Like the one with the space ship and the lasers! Classic. I won’t spoil which games we talked about; you’ll have to put Podtoid 350: Zero Gravity Money Shot into your earholes to find out.

Naturally, the topic led into a bit of space trivia on the weekly feature Steven Asks The People On The Podcast A Question, where we learned why it’s difficult to achieve an erection in low Earth orbit. Other topics include dwarf fruit trees and rainy day activities. Of course, we capped it off with everybody’s favorite section, the Podtoid Hot Dish. (Don’t mention it in the comments if you agree.)

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Darren Nakamura
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