Take a gander at some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered gameplay

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As I was ushered into the most packed tent of the Call of Duty XP event to play Modern Warfare Remastered, I didn’t know what to expect. Maybe they completely revamped the UI and all of the perks, I thought. Maybe they added in a ton of wacky, out of character levels like the theme park DLC of later Treyarch games.

Nope. This is literally Modern Warfare, remastered, and for most of you that’s going to be fine.

There’s not much I can say about Remastered that couldn’t be said by watching the above gameplay video. There are people out there who still play Call of Duty 4, so it makes perfect sense to bring it back (same with Black Ops, which is one of the most-played shooters of all time).

It still holds up, as the basic framework for the following Call of Duty games is still intact, and because of the smoothness of current generation consoles (I was only able to test it on PS4, as Sony is sponsoring the event — go figure) it does feel a little faster and more frantic. Not too fast and twitchy though, and I think a lot of old timers will find a good middle-ground between this and the super quick gameplay of the new jetpack-centric games. Especially so, since the killstreaks are so basic (Radar at three kills, Airstrike at five, and Attack Helicopter at seven).

Sadly it still seems to be a pre-order bonus for premium editions of Infinite Warfare

[Disclaimer: Travel was provided to the event by Activision.]

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