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If you want cheese, prepare for war

Oddbug Studios’ medieval RPG Tails of Iron has had no trouble whatsoever winning over a dedicated and adoring fanbase. This is understandable, given the tough title’s engaging world, challenging adventure, and whimsical yet particularly dour cast and setting.

The Souls-like adventure and its charmingly grotesque world has also offered inspiration to creative types, leading to a slew of gorgeous, passionate fan projects since the game’s release back in September. Case in point: this fantastic Tails of Iron character model, meticulously handcrafted by artist @JFaithWallace.

Wallace’s model — styled after their own pet rat, Glitch — sees their furry friend immortalized as a full 3D figurine, bedecked in Tails of Iron‘s cute ‘n’ gloomy dark age style.

Complete with armor, sword, shield, and crossbow, Glitch looks ready to take on ToI‘s nefarious frog army or, at the very least, prepare to lay siege to the fridge. It’s gorgeously detailed, with wonderfully textured coloring and some really nice weathering effects on the helmet and shield. The model is also incredibly authentic to the Tails of Iron style — it could almost be official merchandise!

I’m sure, for many indie developers, this is what is being strived for. While AAA studio execs furrow brows and rub chins, micro-managing every last detail in order to squeeze every last penny out of every last customer, it is the heartfelt passion, creativity, and adoration showcased by fans such as Jess that helps the more modest of game development studios find assurance that they didn’t just simply make a title that sold — they also created a world that was loved.

Tails of Iron is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch platforms. The recently released free DLC update Bloody Whiskers makes a great game better still. You can check out our review for the original release right here.

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