Swine flu affecting judgement, Gearbox makes wild Twitter promises

Want to a free copy of Borderlands? Can’t help you there — sorry! Want to play Borderlands with folks from Gearbox? That you can manage, provided you pre-order the game and prove it to the game’s Creative Director, Mike Neumann. 

Yesterday, Neumann — the man who writes the dialogue for everyone’s favorite robotic pal, Claptrap — threw out a challenge on Twitter. 

“Today is official Borderlands Pre Order day,” he wrote, “Twitter me a screen of you buying the game and I’ll play Borderlands with you and give you some loot.”

Neuman, who has under a little a thousand followers, had no idea how seriously people would take it. When Kotaku picked up the story, Neumann said that users with proof of purchase were “flooding in.” While taken off guard, Neumann plans to live up to the promise, keeping a detailed list of Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network user names (details of how he’ll live up to those promises with PC users remain unclear) for those who qualified.

We think the swine flu that Neumann picked up at Penny Arcade Expo (no worries; he’s fine now) is getting to his head. He tells us that this promised loot to give to players isn’t “as easy as getting online and just making loot magically appear from the sky.” There’s work to do.

“We’ll actually have to collect all of it,” he says, after telling us he’s enlisted the help of other Gearbox employees.

Yeah, he’s definitely a glutton for punishment… and he’s extending the offer through today.

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