Surprise: Wii wins December, DS ranked second

Alert: Nintendo hardware rocked December, just like its software did, according to the NPD Group.

Glaucoma or not, Grandma honed in on the Wii with her deal-seeking vision during the month of December. Nintendo’s little white casual console sold 3.81M units, while the publisher’s handheld did a ridiculous 3.31M units — a point punctuated by its domination of the PSP, which sold 654.7K units.

Sony probably has something to boast about: the PS3 sold around 1.36M units — in contrast, the PS2 did 333.2K — while Microsoft’s console barely lagged behind at 1.31M units sold.

  • Wii — 3.81M
  • Nintendo DS — 3.31M
  • PS3 — 1.36
  • Xbox 360 — 1.31M
  • PSP — 654.7K
  • PS2 — 333.2K

This is every month — but who doesn’t have a Nintendo DS by now? Goodness.

NPD Results for December 2009 [Team Xbox]

Brad BradNicholson