Supreme Commander to command things in a supreme manner on Xbox 360 in early ’08

The days of PC controlling the realm of real-time strategy titles have come to an end! Gas Powered Games’ PC real-time strategy title Supreme Commander is coming to the Xbox 360 in “early 2008.”

Hellbent Games and Aspyr Media will be working on the console port of the title, which will feature exclusive new units, updated maps, and new multiplayer modes. Of course, the game will also feature full Xbox Live support, as well as the pre-requisite “revised, console-specific control interface and HUD,” whatever that might mean.

Supreme Commander was released on the PC much earlier this year to some decent reviews, and hopefully will come together nicely on the Xbox 360. Would it be too much to ask for mouse and keyboard support? Oh, that’s a PC exclusive “feature,” I suppose.


Renowned RTS from Chris Taylor To Debut on Xbox 360® in early 2008

AUSTIN, TX – Nov. 12, 2007 – The Infinite War has raged for over 1,000 years and soon will make its way to a videogame console for the first time. Chris Taylor’s Gas Powered Games, Corp., co-developer Hellbent Games and Aspyr Media have collaborated to bring the acclaimed RTS Supreme Commander to the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.   Supreme Commander, winner of numerous PC nods including the E3 2006 Official Game Critics Award for Best Strategy Game and Editors’ Choice Awards from PC Gamer and IGN, puts gamers in control of one of three factions fighting to control the future of mankind.  Adding to the expansive Supreme Commander universe, the Xbox 360 edition will feature exclusive new units, updated maps and new multiplayer modes, and gamers will be able to take the fight online against players from around the world via Xbox LIVE®.  In addition, a revised, console-specific control interface and HUD will give gamers unprecedented strategic power over their armies.
“Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games have an incredible talent for producing great games, and judging by the amazing reviews, Supreme Commander is no exception,” said Ted Staloch, Executive Vice President, Publishing for Aspyr.  “The RTS genre reaches new levels of excitement on consoles with each new release. Hellbent Games, Gas Powered Games and Aspyr have combined forces to produce an Xbox 360 title that will ensure retail success to match the critical praise.”
“Aspyr’s developer-friendly publishing environment delivers 100% on our vision for bringing Supreme Commander to the Xbox 360,” said Chris Taylor, CEO and Creative Director of Gas Powered Games and Lead Designer of Supreme Commander.  “We believe that we’ve raised the bar for RTS gaming on the PC and now, co-developing with Hellbent Games, we know that we can do the same on consoles. Hellbent brings a talented, veteran team together to deliver Supreme Commander to the Xbox 360 platform.”
Supreme Commander allows gamers to take control of one of three factions—the Cybran Nation, Aeon Illuminate or United Earth Federation—and help their chosen faction win the Infinite War once and for all. Each faction has its own goals, experimental units and back-story that leads            them to the game’s thrilling climax. Battles rage over land, sea and air, and the command and control system puts the gamer in charge of every aspect of the fight, engaging in titanic land, air and naval battles. The revolutionary strategic zoom gives the player the flexibility to control battle groups from a less detailed overhead map view, or zoom right down to ground level, where they can issue orders to single units. The game can handle a vast number of units on screen, and players will need every single one to take down enormous experimental units that can change the tide of battle.
Xbox 360 gamers will experience the Infinite War with full support for HD and surround sound in early 2008.

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