SuperGroupies unveils range of Cyberpunk 2077 apparel

Night City Coterie

Fashion and Cyberpunk have always gone hand-in-cybernetic hand. And while we aren’t quite in a place where we can replace our faces with super-cool, x-ray laser beams, Cyberpunk 2077 fans can at least bag themselves several slick items of apparel from Japanese fashion label SuperGroupies.

The premium brand has unveiled a range of clothes, watches, and other accessories based on CDPR’s futuristic neo-noir, all of which are now available to pre-order from the outlet’s official stockists. Of course, this being SuperGroupies, interested parties might want to check their wallets before ordering.

The new range includes a Cyberpunk 2077-themed jacket for $268 USD, a ring & cuff set for $198, a wallet at $118, a sweatshirt at $108, and a pretty sleek watch for a princely $308. There’s also some replica clothing styled after Cyberpunk 2077‘s protagonist “V”. A variant of V’s cool “Samurai” jacket is available for $268. Additionally, a pair of slip-on hi-top sneakers will set you back $118, while some cool short-heeled boots retail for a pricier $198. Perfect for you or the drekhead in your life.

Finally, there are a range of more discreet items based on some of Night City’s gangs. These include bags and watches sporting the logos of Tyger Claws, The Mox, Voodoo Boys, Animals, and Valentinos. To check out the full range of all of the above items, or for pre-order information, visit the U.S. SuperGroupies store right here. Pre-orders close on February 14, with all items scheduled to ship across the remainder of 2021.

Chris Moyse
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