Super Nintendo World is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood in early 2023

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Hollywood

Mushroom Kingdom comes to Hollywood

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When Universal Studios Japan announced the new Super Nintendo World a few years back, gamers lost their collective minds. Sure, we’re used to seeing our favorite films and TV shows come to life at a theme park, but seeing a game world realized is a brand new feeling. I’m honestly shocked it took them this long, considering how well-loved, imaginative, and easily-marketable video game settings are — especially when it comes to Nintendo properties. Now, Universal is finally moving the ball down the field, because its Hollywood park is getting its very own highly-anticipated Super Nintendo World.

We knew Mario and his friends were headed our way soon, but a tweet this morning from the official Universal Studios Hollywood confirmed that the new land would be opening sometime in early 2023. A follow-up tweet also provides a short trailer for one of the upcoming main attractions of Super Nintendo World: an interactive ride called Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge.

The video shows off the ride vehicles, which are themed to look exactly like the go-karts in the game, as well as a little bit of what the actual ride experience will be like. Riders look to be equipped with glasses of some kind, and while we don’t have any confirmation on the nature of what they do just yet, it looks like they combine alternate reality elements with physical set dressing on the ride to make for a fully immersive experience.

I’m lucky enough to currently live in Los Angeles, so you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be checking this out opening weekend. I was super bummed that I wouldn’t be able to see the one in Japan, so I’m thrilled to see that it’s coming to the states now, too. It will be interesting to see how similar it is to the original park, or if they expand at all outside of the Mario Bros. IP.

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