Super Meat Boy’s twitter updates got the 2600 meat funk

Looking forward to Super Meat Boy? Then should been keeping up with the game on Twitter, where all the major Meat Boy news first goes public.

Here’s a recap of the latest from Tweet Boy’s meats, I mean, Meat Boy’s tweets

Now Super Meat Boy is planned to contain 24 characters, including the previously revealed Tim, Alien Hominid, and Commander Video. Newly announced playable characters include “retro” styled alternate versions of Meat Boy, taken directly from the game’s previously announced retro-themed levels.  As for total in-game levels, the current count is at 205. Also news is that if you score an “A” on a level, you unlock a “alternate” (meaning: hard-as-hell) version of said level. Large imposing saws seem to be a common theme amongst these alt-levels, as seen our gallery below.

Finally, we also got a look at the game’s Aether-styled menu screen and a new Atari 2600 themed retro-level. Seeing gaming’s mainstream past collide with the its indie present is a real giddy-time fun experience for me.

How about you? Giddy about meat-fun?

Jonathan Holmes
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