Super Mario Run is coming to Android devices in March

We just don’t know exactly when

It’s a bit late to the finish line, but it’ll get there eventually. Nintendo’s Super Mario Run took the mobile world by storm in December when it racked up 40 million downloads in its first four days on iOS devices. Soon enough, the other half will get to see what all the fuss was about.

Nintendo just revealed that Super Mario Run will release on Android devices in March. No hard date was given, just a one-month timeframe. Anyone who wants it as soon as possible can pre-register here on Google Play.

In the end, it seems that Apple’s timed-exclusivity agreement was good for three months. By one account (but not necessarily an accurate account), it generated $30 million in revenue as of two weeks ago. Nintendo’s surely eager to see how many Android users are willing to shell out to auto-run and jump as Mario on their phones and tablets. If the profits were little Mario right now, releasing on a new platform should have the same effect as picking up a mushroom.

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