Super Mario Run hops and bops its way to Android next week

Plus other new stuff

If you’ve been waiting for Super Mario Run to come to Android, that wait is almost over. Nintendo of America announced on Twitter the game will release next week, March 23. The launch will be worldwide, however, according to the game’s official website the Android version will be available in fewer countries than its iOS counterpart.

March 23 will also see the release of version 2.0 of the game, which promises to bring new characters, a Bowser challenge for people who decided not to pay for the game (which is a lot of people), and more. Nice to see Nintendo has opted to provide new content for the app even after hinting that it wouldn’t. Given the great ongoing support it’s given Fire Emblem Heroes, I can only hope the company’s flagship mobile game will continue to get new content like this going forward. I mean, I did actually pay for Run and haven’t spent a dime in Heroes.

Super Mario Run – Version 2.0 to include new characters, another free unlock & more [GoNintendo]

CJ Andriessen
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