A Super Mario RPG fan remake mockup? Sign me the hell up

Super Mario RPG remake

The creator is fully aware of the “you shouldn’t spread this around” comments!

As is the case with every fan creation that’s openly shared on Twitter, YouTube, and plenty of other places directly by the creator themselves, I should note that this is yet another “the creator has directly shared this on Twitter” situation. Digital artist Finn shared the latest footage of their Super Mario RPG remake on Twitter, which reworks the graphical system of the game into a new charming modern style.

Note that Finn has their response to the “but you shouldn’t share these types of things online” statement already ready to go:

“Just thought I’d put this out there since I’ve seen some stuff floating around: My SMRPG project, while made in a game engine, will not be available to play, for legal reasons:) similarly, I do not plan to remake a significant portion of the game as to not infringe on copyright.”

That’s why I put the phrase “mockup” in the headline. While this was initially shared around as a project that could see the light of day, Finn cleared things up themselves; noting that they wanted to share their artistry with the world without distributing it, or remaking the entire game.

Still, you love to see it. These types of fan projects lead to full official releases more often than you’d think, and although it would take a lot of legwork to get this one off the ground, I hope it happens one day.

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