Super Mario Maker 2 hits four million level mark, Nintendo celebrates with an official creation

Hammer time

Nintendo is very proud of Super Mario Maker 2. How proud. So proud.

Just this week they announced that the new entry in the Maker series pushed over two million copies in a very short amount of time, paving the way for support for months/years to come. Alongside of hard sales numbers they also have another milestone to share: the community has uploaded four million courses since the game’s launch last month. Not bad!

Now a lot of those numbers are typically meaningless, but given the course limit (for a long while it was 32, now it’s 64), that means a lot of creators actually are uploading levels for everyone to try out. To celebrate Nintendo provided an official new level to test, which you can check out in the video below or access through the Course ID “XYK-9FY-CGG.”

I’ve mostly been enjoying the story mode so far (some of the levels are really clever, a few, not so much) due to a lack of good official curation tools from Nintendo: for the most part, the only levels I make a point to try are ones I find on Twitter or hear about via word of mouth. Alongside of the multiplayer update I hope there’s more to come on that front.

Nintendo [YouTube via Japanese Nintendo]

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