Alternate Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer shows a little more Mushroom Kingdom

super mario bros movie trailer alternate cut pipes

Pipe Dreams

There’s been much chatter on the information superhighway since the premiere of the second trailer for Illumination’s upcoming film The Super Mario Bros. Movie — While the preview offered up lots of fun & recognizable action from the Mushroom Kingdom, an alternate teaser reveals just that little bit more.

The second 30-second trailer sees our mustachioed hero as he is shown around the colorful world by fan-favorite fungi, Toad. In the brief clip, we get to see the kingdom’s denizens going about their daily routine, gathering coins from Question Blocks, (which I guess is sort of an ATM in the kingdom), and traveling in style, via the Mario Bros. universe’s famous network of warp pipes.

The original clips are being swallowed up by the mighty suits of NBC Universal, but you can check out the alternate preview in the above tweet, courtesy of Twittererer @somekirbyfan. Of course, trailers leave absolutely zero to the imagination these days, so maybe you have already had your fill of previews and wish to simply wait for the film’s premiere. Good on you. Whilst I’m really not a fan of Illumination’s cookie-cutter, rubber-faced shenanigans, I must admit that the world and characters look absolutely delightful in the trailers so far, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing all of these wonderful characters brought to life. We just need to see Wendy O. and Chain Chomp and I’m good.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is scheduled to launch in Europe on March 30, North America on April 7, and Japan on April 28, 2023.

Chris Moyse
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