The Super Mario Bros. Movie second trailer spotlights Peach, DK, and some karts

Super Mario Bros Movie trailer

Even the Rainbow Road made it into this movie

A new look at the Mario movie is here, and it’s got a lot in it. Today’s trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie shows off more of the cast, plot, and hazards waiting for the crew this April.

The second trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie aired during today’s Direct, specifically spotlighting the movie. Sorry, no Mario game news to share.

What we did get to see was much more of the cast, including Luigi, Princess Peach, and Donkey Kong. There are gladiatorial games, platforming, a Bowser torture scene, and even some Mario Kart happening on the Rainbow Road.

From a training segment involving some floating platforms and hazards to DK slapping the dickens out of Mario, this definitely has a bit more of a Mushroom Kingdom vibe. Plus, we’ve heard a good chunk of the movie’s cast now giving their takes on these classic Nintendo characters.

Off to the Mushroom Kingdom

We got our first official trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie not too long ago. That Direct featured both Chris Pratt (playing Mario) and Jack Black (Bowser) discussing their work on the film, then segueing into the full trailer. This time around, we got an intro from Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays Princess Peach, and Seth Rogen, who plays Donkey Kong.

While the first trailer set the stage, this second one feels like it gives a pretty good idea of what the upcoming Nintendo and Illumination film will be like. An everyman-versus-Bowser isekai is certainly a way to take the Mario story, but I’m not entirely against it. We’ll see how it comes together when The Super Mario Bros. Movie premieres on April 7, 2023.

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