Super Mario Bros. 5 2

This dedicated creator spent years making a Super Mario Bros. 5 fan project in Mario Maker 2

It’s a fully-fledged game, with 40 courses and eight worlds

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If you ever wanted to play a theoretical Super Mario Bros. 5, you can, in this fan-created version by way of Super Mario Maker 2.

Over on Twitter, super-creator Metroid Mike 64 unleashed their finished project out into the world: Super Mario Bros. 5. As Mike puts it, they’ve been “working toward this moment since 2015,” aiming to “create a classic Mario game that plays as if Nintendo created it themselves.” To that end, it’ll feature eight worlds, with 40 full courses (24 from the Super Mario World archetype, 14 from Mario 3, and two courses from Super Mario Bros.). The idea was to give the entire project a “classic” feel.

Going even further with that philosophy, Metroid Mike’s aim isn’t to “troll or purposely try and kill you,” but rather to ease you into level designs that feel like they’re organically present in a prior classic Mario game. While there’s plenty of room for “instant/death can you even beat this” Mario Maker designs, I appreciate the core focus here; as it’ll make it even easier to pick up and play from a general audience standpoint. Going a step further than that, Metroid Mike added in world maps with “branching paths,” as well as some light puzzles.

This is an extremely “weekend plans set” situation. Want in? Just plug the below ID into Super Mario Maker 2.

Super Mario Bros. 5 Maker ID: 0G9-XN4-FNF

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