Super Mario Bros. 3 coming out this week for the Virtual Console

The gang at GoNintendo got a special little treat from Nintendo when the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, gave Kevin Cassidy a call and told him what three games will be out this week in the Virtual Console. Super Mario Bros 3, one of the best revered games of all time, will be out tomorrow along with two other games no one will care about when stacked up right next to SMB 3 which are Alien Soldier and Power Golf if you must know. Head on over to GoNintendo to hear the special message from Mario.

Taking a look at the releases (the list will be up in the morning), this may just be the biggest release for the Wii this week. Do I dare say that Chad will give this the best week ever stamp just because of Mario Bros. 3 too? Oh yes, I dare say it! 

So who else is super excited for this? 

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