Super Bomberman R is practically a new game after a series of updates

Grand Prix Mode was just added as well as more characters

Konami has been low key updating Super Bomberman R throughout the year, and it’s worked out rather well for the game.

While I did enjoy it overall at launch it wasn’t without its issues, some of which have been smoothed out due to content drops and performance patches. This week Bomberman R is getting a 3v3 Grand Prix mode, new “arena” maps, more multiplayer levels, a new “World 7” campaign with extra bosses, nine more characters (one of which is Goemon), and extra pets.

Every time I see “free DLC,” “no microtransactions,” and “Konami” in the same story, I have to do a double take. But here we are in 2017, and they did one thing right.

Chris Carter
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