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[Update: Show’s over folks! Thanks so much to Stephanie for sharing her insights on anal titling, motion capture performances, the difference between working on games and working on animation, and so much other stuff. The rerun should be up in the next week, but in the meatime, here’s Stephani as Mamimi in FLCL. The fact that there still isn’t a FLCL game is just a gosh darn shame…]

Today on Sup Holmes we’ll be welcoming actress Stephanie Sheh to the program. Most recently, Stephanie took the starring roll in the horror adventure Til Morning’s Light, but many of you may know her best as Usagi from Sailor Moon, or any of the hundreds of roles she’s played over the years, including characters from Ape Escape, Soulcalibur, Sonic, Resident Evil, Persona, Grand Theft Auto, Killer is Dead, Fire Emblem, and many more. Beyond her voice work, she’s also a motion capture artist, having performed as Cezera in the first Bayonetta. A magical girl indeed.

We’ll be talking to Stephanie about all that and more at 4pm EST today. WE hope to see you there!

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