Sunset Overdrive bounces to a filthy oil rig for first DLC

The Mystery of the Mooil Rig

Insomniac Games has detailed Sunset Overdrive‘s first add-on, and there are some pronunciation problems clouding up the reveal. The Mystery of Mooil Rig is the name, and how would one go about saying that? “Moy-il?” “Moo-oil,” like a lubricant for your cows? There’s even some discrepancy between Insomniac’s community manager and Xbox’s Major Nelson.

Regardless, we know that the add-on will take place on a giant oil rig, and there’ll be some investigating to do after a distress signal goes off. There likely won’t be much sleuthing necessary, as the employee turf war and giant aquatic mutants look to obviously be the cause of concern.

Apart from the standard inclusion of additional missions and challenges, Mooil Rig will also feature two new maneuvers — Water Dive, and Water Slam Bounce; they’re both exactly what they sound like. The DLC hasn’t been priced yet, but it’ll release on December 23. That’s when you can channel your inner-BP and make a big ol’ mess of the sea.

Brett Makedonski
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