Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League reportedly delayed to later this year

Is Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League in Arkhamverse

The squad is taking more time for launch

DC’s band of misfits is moving back its release date. A new report from Bloomberg says Warner Bros. has delayed the video game, pushing it from May out to sometime later this year.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was originally planned for 2022, until a delay pushed Rocksteady’s new DC project into 2023. No official confirmation has happened yet for this delay, and a representative for Warner Bros. did not respond to Bloomberg’s request for comment. No new date was made clear, either.

The Suicide Squad game was the focus of a recent Sony State of Play livestream, which showed off some of its story and gameplay, as well as its quite Destiny-like live-service elements. Those aspects were not all warmly received, however. Now, Rocksteady appears to be taking some extra time.

Service squad

No overt reason was mentioned for the delay in Bloomberg’s report, though it will have to be officially announced soon. The release date, or rather former date, is on May 26 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

Given the backlash, as well as the fumbles of Gotham Knights, a fellow DC game with live-service elements, I’m now curious to see what the road ahead for Suicide Squad is. While I’m not particularly keen on build-crafting my Captain Boomerang loadout the way I would in Destiny, I’d also wonder what could be addressed at this point in development. We’ll have to just wait and see what the official Warner Bros. response and reasoning for this delay will be.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter