Suda51’s details his eye-opening career in this new YouTube series

Blowing minds and blowing chunks

Suda51’s new YouTube series gives you something you can’t get from everybody, because not every game developer loves the public eye. Despite being as famous (and infamous) as most folks in the industry will ever get, you’re not likely to see a new on-camera interview with Minecraft‘s Notch or FEZ‘s Phil Fish anytime soon. Putting your personal struggles on display isn’t for everyone.

Suda51 has no such misgivings about showing the human side of the creative process. In fact, the very first game company he worked for was called HUMAN, and as he explains in this inaugural chapter of a tell-all interview series, it was Suda’s soft and heartfelt love of games and pro wrestling that landed him the job. That combination of excitement and fear was key to his subsequent success. As he tells it, those feelings also led to a fair amount of vomit in his mouth.

This same mix of thrills, chills, and stomach-turning spills are part of most of his games, from early titles like soon to be rereleased action-and-horror titles like Lollipop Chainsaw, Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, and No More Heroes 3. What you make comes from who you are, even if that means tasting a little of your own puke now and again.

This new “Creator’s File” interview series also marks a rebrand for Grasshopper and Suda51’s new YouTube channel. It will feature other members of the company as well, as they talk about their history and experiences in the industry. It’s a perfect holdover for fans of the studio as they wait for the announcement of new Grasshopper projects. I’ve gotten a little of the inside scoop on one of their unannounced titles and it’s definitely going to be a big hit with fans of Suda’s scriptwriting style.

Keep an eye peeled in the video and you may actually see a hint of what they’re working on.

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