Stupid if true: Wii Wheel to cost $14.99

According to a recent preview of Mario Kart Wii I read in Nintendo Power, once you’ve played the game with the snap-on Wii Wheel peripheral, you’ll never want to play it any other way. But maybe your friends are going to have to get used to playing with out it, because according to a GameStop ad, this piece of plastic will cost gamers $14.99.

When the game ships on April 27 (and believe me, I’m can’t freakin’ wait), it will come packed in with the wheel peripheral at the sweet MSRP of $49.99. While Nintendo hasn’t confirmed pricing, if what GameStop is advertising is true, it’ll cost you close to $100 to play the multiplayer game the way it was “meant to be played.” What is this Rock Band or something? 

In all seriousness, fifteen bones for some plastic seems like a bit of a stretch. While the game can be played sans plastic wheel casing, if what Nintendo Power says is true (and really, when hasn’t it been?), expect some clever penny-pinchers to come up with some alternatives before the game’s late-April release.

[Via Gizmodo

Nick Chester