Ken and Cammy join the Street Fighter x Power Rangers figure range

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Cammy’s famous fireball

Street Fighter and Power Rangers continue to enjoy a fun, if altogether bemusing, crossover friendship — Not content with adding the iconic Ryu and Chun-Li into nWay fighter Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, toy maker Hasbro continues to add World Warriors to its brand new action figure line Street Fighter X Power Rangers Lightning Collection.

As featured in the recent Hasbro Pulse Con showcase, the merchandiser revealed that Ryu’s fiery rival, Ken Masters, and Red Delta’s stellar operative, Cammy White, are the next two Wrld Warriors in line to receive a Mighty Morphin’ makeover. Ken will step into his new guise as the Soaring Falcon Ranger, while Cammy becomes the Stinging Crane Range, complete with a brand new projectile attack!

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As with Ryu and Chunners’ Power Rangers pseudonyms, the new designs for Ken and Cammy reflect the colors and costumes of their Street Fighter iterations, freshly tweaked to fit within the bodysuited battleverse of the long-running Saban franchise. Ken appears to be sleeveless in his ranger gear, which must be borderline heresy to the Power Rangers community. Cammy is instantly recognizable, and even has a red metal beret sculpted directly into her battle helmet.

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Ken and Cammy stand around six inches in height and feature full articulation, allowing them to be posed in all manner of dynamic stances. In addition, the figures come with various effect elements, so they can be displayed performing their unique, special attacks. The figures are expected to retail for around $35 USD, and will launch in March 2023. The Ryu and Chun-Li Power Rangers variants are available to pre-order right now, and are expected to launch a month earlier in February 2023.

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