Street Fighter VR project holds location tests in Japan

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Take the SPD and deal with it

Capcom has begun location tests for a new virtual reality experience set within the world of its flagship fighting franchise, Street Fighter. The Street Fighter VR: The Shadaloo Enhancement Project is currently available to play in the Capcom store at Hiroshima Plaza in Hiroshima, Japan.

The short experience allows players to step up to the plate against long-time poster boy Ryu and Russian wrestler Zangief in first-person combat, with sound and visuals running on the same engine used for Street Fighter V. The concept sees the player take the role of a lowly Shadaloo grunt, training against two of the World Warriors that they may encounter as the evil organization attempts its takeover of the free world. Yeah… That’s exactly who I want to play in VR: A nameless, nobody, Shadaloo trainee.

Utilizing PC VR hardware, players must block attacks and counter with punches and special moves, impacting certain areas on the opponent while their guard is down. A short video not only demonstrates a player throwing out an iconic Hadoken projectile, but also sees the hapless protagonist caught in Zangief’s Spinning Pile Driver, which I can only assume is a VR experience likely to demonstrate the technological power of your own stomach.

Stop playing if you feel sick or feel something is wrong with your body.” reads the warning. Indeed.

The demo ends with hints that further characters — such as Akuma and Shadaloo leader Bison himself — will be added to the game in future updates. Capcom has not announced any plans to bring Street Fighter VR: The Shadaloo Enhancement Project to western locations, but I would not be surprised if it at least showed up at one of the booths at the big summer expos such as E3 or Summer Game Fest.

Chris Moyse
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