Street Fighter V DLC character Alex out today

And you can try him for free

Alex may be inspired by Hulk Hogan, but he isn’t making headlines today by trying to destroy a gossip rag for leaking his sex tape. No, the man, the myth, the legend is now playable in Street Fighter V.

The beefy grappler, who you might remember from Street Fighter III, Capcom Fighting Evolution, and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, is the first DLC character to join the new fighting game’s roster.

Also launching today is the title’s in-game shop, which allows players to spend “Fight Money” earned from playing the game on things like new characters (100K FM) and story mode costumes (40K FM).

However, if you don’t want to purchase Alex with your hard-earned Fight Money, you can currently play him for free, as Capcom is allowing players to test out DLC characters during a trial period until its real-life money shop gets up and running.  Whenever that happens, you’ll need to spend some Fight Money, Zenny, or actual cash on the season pass to use Alex and the rest of the DLC character crew.

We’ll have some Alex impressions from our man with a plan Patrick Hancock sometime soonish.

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