Official Street Fighter bomber jackets will see you get beat up in style

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Look good while looking at the lights

When you next get involved in a street fight — as we all do — you might want to ensure that you’re dressed for success, (or at least to impress), by donning one of these full-print Street Fighter bomber jackets, now available to order from merchandiser NERDS Clothing.

Officially produced in collaboration with Capcom, the powerfully colored jackets are styled after several members of the Street Fighter roster, with variants for legendary World Warriors Ryu, Chun-Li, Bison, Cammy, and new boy Luke. Each jacket features a color scheme typified by the character, with a full backprint showcasing the fighter in action. Somewhat anachronistically, the jackets are also emblazoned with an embroidered Street Fighter V logo, right on the cusp of Street Fighter 6‘s vaunted release.

I’m obviously a dedicated and dyed-in-the-wool Street Fighter disciple, but it’s not in my build or age range to rock one of these bad boys.  Perhaps, however, they are more in keeping with your own sense of style and fashion.  If so, then you can check out the entire range over on the official NERDS Clothing website, where the jackets are available to order for $125 USD each (not including shipping costs).

(Edit: Since this article was published, all jackets — along with a range of new shirts — have suddenly been listed as being “sold out”.  This is a little curious, given that they haven’t even been available for a day, and the entire stock, in all eight sizes, has seemingly cleared out. I have reached out to the company for clarity.)

Street Fighter V is available now on PlayStation and PC. Street Fighter 6 will launch in 2023 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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