Street Fighter IV picture overload part one: Rufus is fat

Capcom has passed along over 100 new screenshots from Street Fighter IV. For the first batch, we have some great shots of Rufus engulfing Ken Masters with his fatness. Just like the last photo dump, most of these photos are sequential as it shows some of Rufus’ attacks from start to finish. 

You remember that episode of The Simpsons were Agent Mulder and Scully from the X-Files guest starred? There this one scene where they had Homer run on a treadmill and Agent Scully became hypnotized by Homer’s fat as it bounced up and down. I’m kind of afraid that’s going to happen to me when I see Rufus running around in the game.

Take a look through the gallery and let us know what you think of Rufus. Stay tuned for part two of the picture overload on El Fuerte. 

Hamza Aziz