Check out this goofy range of Street Fighter ‘Big Shots’ toys

street fighter big shots

Where’s my gurl Juri at?

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Here’s a delightfully nostalgic piece of memorabilia — Capcom has partnered with merchandise maker Big Shots to produce a series of rough ‘n’ tumble plush toys based on some of the World Warriors of its iconic fighting game series, Street Fighter.

The initial Street Fighter Big Shots line features eternal rivals Ryu and Ken, as well as the All-American Guile, and the Brazilian beast Blanka. Each Big Shot is packed with premium polyester filling and printed on soft velvet polyester cover. Each character is available in two sizes — 22″ x 19″ or 16″ x 14″ — and weighs 1.5 lbs or 16 ounces, respectively. Either way, they’re built to take a kicking, so you can practice your Shoryukens until the cows come home.

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Of course, fans of a certain age will no doubt be instantly reminded of the massively popular WWF Wrestling Buddies of the late ’80s, which saw similar toys made of stars such as Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase. I personally never had one myself, but I remember them being around in abundance.

So, Big Shots, drop a Juri and I can finally make up for lost toy time. 42 years old.

The Street Fighter Big Shots are available for a limited time over on the official Big Shots website. The 16″ versions retail for $49.99 USD, while the 22″ version retails for $69.99, not including shipping charges.

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