Who’s missing from the Street Fighter 6 roster?

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The party don’t start ’til I walk in

Do we know the roster of Street Fighter 6? It is increasingly looking like we do. While some characters, namely Ryu, Chun-Li, Jamie, Luke, Guile, and apparently “Kimberely” have all been essentially confirmed, the mighty leak that rolled out last week appeared to fill in the remaining roster slots, giving us a grand total of 22 super-strong, (and super-stylish) World Warriors.

While Capcom has not officially confirmed the contents of the leak, it did begrudgingly admit that Street Fighter fans had “seen more than they were supposed to”, with the following Guile trailer — complete with denim onesie — more or less rubber stamps the leak as genuine. We have our Street Fighter 6 roster. Whether it’s a launch roster, or features numerous DLC characters… We’ll have to wait and see.

For the first time in a long time, yer boy Moyse can rest easy that his main was indeed featured in the leak, sporting a slick new fringe, some M.C. Hammer pants, and some cute turquoise toenail polish. But, for fighting game fans, the nerve-wracking wait to see whether your favorite made the cut can be a brutal one. And while the Street Fighter 6 roster features many new and familiar faces, there’s a surprising amount of omissions.

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For a start, all of the original Street Fighter II cast have made it in, but not one of the Shadaloo bosses is on deck. Of course, SF6 takes place late in the timeline, and thus Shadaloo has collapsed, but you could still squeeze in Balrog and Sagat. In regard to recent newcomers, there’s no sign of everyone’s Bonita, Laura Matsuda, nor her brother Sean, and while SFV‘s Ed has made it, we can’t see Falke or Kolin. Hmm… Oh, and F.A.N.G. has apparently been replaced with a hotter, younger model in A.K.I.

These are just a few examples of some of the characters who, at this stage, will not be throwing up hoods to step back into the Street Fighter ring. Curiously, no C. Viper, who seemed an absolute shoo-in for both SFV DLC and SF6 inclusion. Where’s Final Fight‘s Maki? You set the game in the graffiti-covered back alleys, but Alex no-shows? And poor old Makoto… We all miss Makoto. Nevertheless, there are 22 sluggers preparing to knuckle up, and undoubtedly multiple seasons of DLC characters ahead.

So, let’s hear from you, the community. Who’s absence from this supposed leaked roster disappoints you, and who would you like to see throwing down in Street Fighter 6 somewhere down the line?

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