Street Fighter 6 PC specs, League Point details, and what’s going down with Ken?

Keeeeeeen on the run…

Amidst all of the noise and excitement pertaining to yesterday’s Street Fighter 6 news, several small but important details might have been missed by the World Warrior faithful — Fear not, as I’m here this fine morning to give a little heads-up on a few more details as they pertain to Capcom’s scrapper sequel.

PC Specs

With the exciting news of an incoming Closed Beta on all platforms, Capcom has seen fit to release some preliminary PC specifications in order to check that your rig is ready for all the ruckus. As Street Fighter 6 will also be released on last-gen platforms, the minimum spec required is relatively low, while medium specification recommends a fairly meaty modern rig. You can check out the specs below.

It should be noted that these are preliminary specs and are subject to change. Also, the beta is, indeed, a beta, and may not reflect the stability and/or quality of the final release in either an offline or online capacity. The beta will be on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S only.

street fighter 6 pc specs

League Point changes

Perhaps one of the most important, yet quietest, of yesterday’s reveals, was the announcement that the League Point system is being changed for Ranked Battles. As hoped by many players, yer boy included, League Points (LP) will now be earned and lost on a Per Character basis. Thus, if you rack up 20,000 with Dhalsim, and then switch to Jamie, Dhalsim will retain his score, while Jamie will start at zero.

This way, much like LP in Street Fighter IV, you will not risk losing points with your “main” should you choose to experiment online with another character. This will go some way to reducing some of the stress of Ranked Battle — one of Street Fighter V‘s most commonly stated issues — and will afford players the freedom to explore the roster and build characters at their own pace.

There’s Something About Ken

When Street Fighter 6 Ken first leaked onto the scene, the SF community quickly noted that the typically flashy fighter looked altogether more subdued and beaten-down than usual. This led to the unkind nickname of “Hobo Ken”, and the idea that his beautiful wife Eliza had left him down and out, taking off with son Mel and Ken’s fortune — amassed through his savvy business acumen. Perhaps the best fan lore was the idea that Ken had lost all his money investing in NFTs… I still wish that was the case. Funny af.

But no, as revealed by the official Street Fighter 6 website, Ken is, in fact, on the run. Seemingly, The Masters Foundation has been accused of some seriously shady business dealings, allegedly a frame job orchestrated by the Mad Gear Gang. In order to protect his family and clear his name, Ken has gone underground, working to uncover the truth behind the frame-up while staying one step ahead of the law. It will be interesting to see how this affects his typically brash, loudmouth demeanor.

Still better than losing it all on Apes.

Street Fighter 6 launches in 2023 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. A Closed Beta will take place in October, and you can apply for potential inclusion right here (the server has been struggling under the weight of applications). Additionally, be sure to check out yesterday’s news, as well as our other reports on the game’s mechanics, our look at Juri and Kimberly, as well as our thoughts on the leaked character roster, and a list of Do’s and Do Not Do’s for the new sequel.

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