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Lily travels the world on her journey to become Street Fighter 6 champion

The Pride of the Thunderfoot Tribe

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During a recent visit to Capcom’s European HQ, I was afforded the opportunity to check out the Arcade Mode adventure for Lily, one of the many exciting newcomers headed to incoming scrapper Street Fighter 6. I was able to take a look at the Thunderfoot princess’ narrative, engage in a few battles, and even lock horns with a mighty Truck in the sequel’s returning Bonus Round.

Lily is a descendant of Mexico’s Thunderfoot Tribe, the same clan that previously brought us the Super Street Fighter II warrior T.Hawk. While much more diminutive in stature than ol’ Timothy Hawk, Lily retains his strength and power through her indomitable spirit and proud nature. Armed with weighted clubs, Lily is also afforded very deceptive reach, and can also use the weapons to conjure up the Spirit of the Wind, (“Windclad Stocks”), which buffs damage to a variety of her special attacks.

Meet interesting people, and beat them up

Our young hero lives to travel. To see the mysteries and wonders of the world, while soaking up the spirit of nature and the good of the planet’s lifeblood itself. As depicted in her Arcade Mode story, Lily has embarked upon a globe-trotting adventure, living on the road and relying on the kindness and generosity of strangers to facilitate her journeying — while protected by her tribe’s overseer, the spirit Toyno’Ikonoi.

Street Fighter 6‘s Arcade Mode feeds each character’s story through slight cutscenes, accompanying their words and thoughts will some delightful and expressive artwork, daubed by Hiroaki Hashimoto, which followed Lily as she hitches her way through the Americas and beyond, inspired by the proud tradition of her fellow tribespeople who have come before her.

Keep on Truckin’

Street Fighter 6‘s Arcade Mode can be set to either five or twelve stages, with the player battling it out against a respective number of opponents as they travel from country to country. Around the halfway point, the layer’s character will step into the ring with a solitary truck, a new variant on the franchise’s iconic vehicular destruction-based. You can watch me do a real poor job of this fun time-out in the video below — where I’m constantly whiffing throws as my muscle memory repeatedly attempts T. Hawk’s Condor Spire input (ReverseDP+P) instead of Lily’s Condor Spire input (qcf+P).

After the bonus round, my limitations with the Street Fighter 6 Arcade Mode were met, so I’m afraid I’m unable to divulge anything in the way of the finale for Lily’s exciting escapades. But, thanks to my short time with the bright-eyed bruiser, I do know that she’s going high on the list of pocket characters once Street Fighter 6 finally launches, June 2, on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

In the meantime, be sure to read my full report on the final build, as well as my countdown of 50 things I loved in the beta, and my suggestions for 10 World Warriors who would fit right into the new title as post-launch DLC.

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