How do you change controls in Street Fighter 6?

how to change modern controls in street fighter 6 guide

You take my self, you take my self control…

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Street Fighter 6 is now live, bringing with it a fistful of characters, a whistle-stop tour of locations, and a fun gamut of modes. Additionally, players can also check out some of the franchise’s brand-new features, such as Extreme Battle, character creation, and the beginner-friendly “Modern” control system.

Not-so-beginner-friendly, however, is the method of switching from Modern to Classic controls and back again, and it’s surprising how many people find themselves lost while trying to do so. It’s understandable too, as it appears to be a trickier route to gain controller enlightenment than one might expect.

In order to switch from Modern to Classic controls, (or vice versa), you need to hit Square (PlayStation), X (Xbox) or “R” (PC) while you’re wandering around the Battle Hub. This will open Battle Settings. From there, move to the “Character” tab and highlight your World Warrior of choice. Selecting “Edit Character” will then bring up a new menu, from where you can choose your control option for that fighter.

It is important to note that this will only change the controls for that specific character. If you wish to change controls for ALL characters, then highlight the “Control Type” option and hit Triangle (PlayStation), Y (Xbox) or T (PC). The entire roster will then lock in your chosen control method.

Also of note, Battle Settings is where you choose to set the match finder to either “Ranked Match” or “Casual Match”, as well as adjust settings for crossplay, connection strength, costumes, and other various factors.

Street Fighter 6 is available now on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. Check out our review right here.

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