Stranglehold is ‘golden’ and will be upon us soon

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Word out of Midway’s camp is that Stranglehold has finally gone gold, and will be ready to fill the void of Xbox 360’s everywhere come September 5th. While a simultaneous release would have been ideal, PS3 and PC fans will have to wait but just a few more weeks to get in on the action. So why do I care? 

I’ve always had a love affair with the Max Payne games. In turn, I tend to be attracted to other games that resemble it. However, even I was feeling a tad cautious concerning Stranglehold. That is, until I took the demo on Xbox live for a spin. Sliding all around in bullet time-esque fashion got my attention, and I had a blast. Will that feeling last for the duration of an entire game? Time will tell.

Although the graphics didn’t take my breath away in the sense that Bioshock did, the demo proved interesting enough to pique my interest further. I just hope that Midway has put that 30-million dollars it infused into the game to good use. Judging by the short peek thus far, I’d say it’s reasonable to assume that they’ve done just that. Still, I can’t shake that ever-so-slight nagging feeling that I could be wrong on this one. Here’s to hoping that Stranglehold turns out to be much more than a weekend rental. I’ve got $60 riding on this one.

[Via GamesIndustrybiz]

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