Stranger Things VR announced for all ‘major VR platforms’

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Dive into the Upside Down

Netflix Games, in association with developer Tender Claws, has announced that it will be adapting its hugely popular horror series, Stranger Things, for the VR platform. According to the publisher Stranger Things VR will launch in the winter of 2023 for all “major VR platforms”.

Perhaps surprisingly, players will actually take up the role of Vecna — the antagonist of the show’s fourth season — as they attempt to wreak havoc and vengeance on both the town of Hawkins and, in particular, its powerful psychic savior, Eleven. Stranger Things VR will see Vecna, (and by proxy, the player) invade multiple worlds, conjure up terrifying and vivid nightmares, and engage in reality-shattering psychological warfare.

In many ways, Stranger Things is custom designed for virtual reality, given its “no rules” approach to the simple act of physical existence. While VR, for many, remains little more than a somewhat interactable rollercoaster ride/ghost train, it is a medium that perfectly suits franchises that focus on the strange, the bizarre, and the warped. And, as such, fans of The Upside Down and its occupants would likely have a real thrill ride exploring its mind-bending themes and aesthetic in fully immersive 3D action.

Stranger Things VR will launch winter 2023 on all major VR platforms,

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