Stranger of Paradise adds Blue Mage, Gilgamesh and more with next expansion

Stranger of Paradise Gilgamesh

Plus some new challenges to tackle

The next expansion for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin adds a new job, dungeon, and more. Wanderer of the Rift brings in the Blue Mage and sees Jack take on a Final Fantasy classic in Gilgamesh.

Shown off in a new trailerWanderer of the Rift arrives on October 26. It’s also only available through the season pass for Stranger of Paradise.

Wanderer of the Rift adds the Labyrinth of Dimensions, a new dungeon that randomly reconfigures its rooms. A new class of enemies will also be added, and these Chaotic Monsters will add an extra bit of difficulty for those looking for a challenge.

The warrior Gilgamesh also makes an appearance. First showing up in Final Fantasy V, Gilgamesh is a frequent recurring character in Final Fantasy series.

Alongside all this, the Wanderer of the Rift expansion also adds the Blue Mage job. I always dig a fun Blue Mage option in games, and it makes sense for post-launch DLC for Stranger of Paradise, adding a good reason to jaunt back around looking for monsters.

Getting even stranger

This is the second of three planned expansions for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. The first, Trials of the Dragon King, also added some new jobs, story content, and a higher difficulty mode.

Different Future is the third expected expansion. All three are part of the season pass, which you’ll need to pick up if you want more Stranger of Paradise content.

In our review of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, Chris called it one of the “weirdest” games he’s reviewed in a while. And having played a good chunk of it myself, I’d have to agree. But it’s nice to see the chaotic, bizarre action of Stranger of Paradise get even more crossovers and content. I mean, Gilgamesh just makes sense for it, right?

Wanderer of the Rift is out on the Stranger of Paradise season pass on October 26.

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