New Stranger of Paradise DLC trailer showcases more jobs, quality of life upgrades

Stranger of Paradise DLC trailer

The Pilgrim, Evoker, and Summoner jobs are in

There’s a new Stranger of Paradise DLC trailer in town (for Trials of the Dragon King), and it’s actually pretty informative this time!

The main draw of the DLC will be the extra storyline involving the “Dragon King Bahamut,” as well as a tangle with the Warrior of Light. Note that the video itself is a spoiler for the main game, so I’ll be vague — but it’s kind of hard to avoid the Warrior of Light being front and center everywhere!

Here are the new jobs revealed through the Stranger of Paradise DLC trailer:

  • Pilgrim (staff wielder)
  • Evoker (can use spirits that “independently” attack the enemy)
  • Summoner (controls Bahamut directly)

Trials of the Dragon King will also have a higher difficulty mode (titled “Bahamut”), which seems like a pretty key thing that hopefully will be part of a free update, as well as some quality of life upgrades. Accessory equipment is the biggest thing that stands out, as players can now adjust and utilize accessories to further customize builds.

The DLC is out on July 20, and will be part of the season pass. Future DLC includes Wanderer of the Rift and Different Future — both of which are micro-expansions similar to this one.

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