Stick it to The Man on Switch still makes me giggle

There’s no time to talk about how hot my body is

It’s no secret that I love this game. The new Switch version marks the fifth time that I’ve completed it, and I still loved every second. I almost never replay games, so this is an especially odd case. Even after all these years, it holds up extremely well. The jokes still hit hard, and I was laughing like an idiot the entire time.

However, there’s not anything new offered here outside of the HD Rumble, and that was actually a little annoying when playing undocked. The shaking is extremely prevalent as you’re reading minds, and it’s a bit distracting when trying to hear the dialogue. Luckily, that can easily be turned off in the console settings menu. 

There’s something about Stick it to The Man that works really well on handhelds. The extra screen real estate offered by the Switch, compared to the PS Vita, is a huge bonus too. There were no noticeable differences in performance when docked either, so you folks that prefer being tethered to a television should be good to go as well. 

I’m not sure if it’s due to my familiarity with the game, but the platforming segments seemed a lot smoother than they have in past versions. As a result, I never felt like I was victim to any cheap deaths. The story and dialogue are the real stars here though, so the change, whether intentional or not, was a most welcome addition.

The game scored a 9.5 out of 10 during our initial review, and that score still holds true. It is, in my eyes, a bona-fide “classic” through and through. If you’ve never gotten around to playing this, the Nintendo Switch version might be the best way to experience it to date. For everyone else, it’s a great excuse to revisit this wonderful world. 

[These impressions were based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher.]

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