Both the Steve and Alex Minecraft amiibo will be out in September

Steve and Alex Minecraft amiibo

Nintendo has dated them for September 9

It’s not often you get amiibo news anymore, but Nintendo did just that, and gave us a date for the Steve and Alex Minecraft amiibo figures: September 9. Note that this is the same day Splatoon 3 is out!

As a reminder, the duo is actually coming out as a result of their appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as fighters, and will function as normal as characters that can be trained as CPUs with the figures themselves. While the jury is still out on US orders, they’ve been available to pre-order for nearly a year now on some Japanese marketplaces as a two-pack, including Amazon Japan (where I secured a pre-order in October). The date for some of those markets still lists “December 31, 2022” as a placeholder release, which we expect to shift soon given this news. While amiibo do not strictly follow a “global release date” system, it’s typically close enough barring regional delays.

Production on amiibo has slowed down in recent years, and 2022 has only hosted the Min Min figure thus far. Soon it’ll have Steve and Alex, as well as three Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak figures. As for what’s left, we don’t know for sure what the future holds on random and third-party tie-ins, but we do have the rest of the Smash Ultimate DLC cast to go: Sephiroth, Pyra/Mythra, Kazuya, and Sora.

As always, we have a full up-to-date list of amiibo that’s been updated since 2015.

[Update: At the time of this update, Best Buy has the 2-pack in stock. This 2-pack format seems to be the way they’re being distributed all over the world, and is consistent with 2021 pre-orders.]

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