Steep looks like the mindless escapism I need right now

Not gonna stop, gonna ride all night

I, like many people, haven’t been able to concentrate on a whole lot today. I’ve been kind of staring through the room and not hearing much. I’m asked to come in and write about video games because that’s my job, but video games don’t feel very important right now. Every word is a struggle when you’re suddenly numb to everything around you. I swear I’m not being hyperbolic.

This Steep trailer slightly lightened my mood. It all looks so fantastically dumb, and I say that in the best-intentioned way possible. Jump out of a hot air balloon and glide through electrical towers and dangerous mountain passes. That seems like the exact kind of mindless idiocy I want to bury my head in for a little while.

All while listening to Eve 6, of course.

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