Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament trots to PSP

If you’re one of the rare characters that knows what the hell a bumpy trot is, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament is headed to the PSP this summer, courtesy of Atlus. 

You’re out to win the Onion City Trotmobile gladiator tournament, but first you’ll have to take on odd jobs to earn the money and reputation to enter. In SCBT, you’ll take on various missions, help save Onion City from bandits, and eventually design and build your own Trotmobile to take into battle. You’ll be able to battle against others with four-player ad hoc multiplayer, with game sharing available for up to four players from one UMD disc. 

Get a first look at some English screenshots as well as the boxart in our gallery below.

Any fans of the original title Steamboat Chronicles out there? I loved it, despite its crazy controls. I’m thinking this one is looking pretty good, too. What do you think?

Dale North