Steam Next Fest is back until October 7 and these 20 demos spoke to me

Steam Next Fest October 2021

Inscryption, Lil Gator Game, The Good Life, and more intriguing demos to queue up

A decade ago, irresistible Steam sales really roped me back into PC gaming for the first time in a long time, but as deals and game giveaways have become so prevalent on not just PC, but consoles too, I feel like we’ve shifted. Now we’re in the era of demos, and I love what Steam has been doing to encourage them with its Steam Next Fest events.

Steam Next Fest is running again from October 1–7 with an avalanche of new and familiar faces. Once again, there are hundreds of demos to potentially check out.

Shout-out to Eric for putting Inscryption (from the maker of Pony Island) back on my radar with his recent hands-on impressions. I mean just look at this freaky mood:

Inscryption October release date

I’m going to throw a bunch of names your way and we’ll see what sticks. After scrolling through the list for titles I recognized or artwork that jumped out, opening up entirely too many browser tabs, and whittling things down from there, here are my recommendations.

20 Steam Next Fest October demos that stood out in one way or another

The pressure is on to try out these (and countless other) promising games while we still can, and I’m hoping to find some spare time next week. What else have you seen?

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