Steam Machines finally release soon, and pre-orders get them even earlier

Controller and Steam Link, too

In true Valve fashion, we’ve waited years to see if Steam Machines will ever actually see the light of day. They were revealed a long time ago, but then they just sort of never came out. Well, the first batch is definitely set to hit stores on November 10, but you can get them considerably sooner than that.

Pre-orders have opened up for a handful of models of Steam Machines, the Steam Controller, and Steam Link (home network streaming device). Those who plunk down cash in advance get their toys on October 16 — almost a full month before they’re available at retail. Expect to pay anywhere between $450 and $1,419 for a Steam Machine, and the controller and Steam Link each have a suggested price of $49.

Right now, GameStop is the only retailer offering Steam Machines, and it has an all-Alienware lineup. Syber also has three of its own available, but only through its website.

Given the open nature of manufacturing these, it shouldn’t be long before we see a whole bunch of pre-orders springing up from different companies. However, it’ll likely only be the outfits who are savvy enough to secure deals with major retailers that end up Steam success stories.

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