Steam is holding a Lunar New Year Sale, includes a one-time $5 off coupon

Year of the Piggybank

Fresh off its recently-ended Winter Sale, Valve is hopping right back into the festive game-selling and money-saving spirit. This time it’s in celebration of the Pig.

Steam’s holding a Lunar New Year Sale, which will run for one week between now and February 11. As usual, thousands of games are discounted to some extent and there are probably a few real gems in the bargain bin. Your mileage may vary and all that.

This event has a broader appeal than specific game discounts, though. Everyone gets a one-time automatic $5 off coupon on a game that’s $30 or more. Valve says this coupon applies to “qualifying purchases,” (whatever that means) but it should be good for most things that cross the $30 threshold. In a “the more you buy, the more you save” twist, you can earn tokens by buying games; those tokens can be redeemed at the Rewards Booth for more coupons, badges, profile pages, etc.

The cherry on top of the Steam Lunar New Year Sale is the reveal of the third annual Steam Awards. Those will be announced on Friday, February 8. All the nominees can be found here. The winners will most likely find themselves discounted for the final days of the sale. It’s all about selling games, baby.

Steam Lunar New Year Sale [Steam]

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