Steam hits 14 million concurrent users in new milestone

DOTA 2 is still the most-played game

In a new high for the marketplace that just can’t be stopped, Steam has hit 14 million concurrent users, an all-time high. Yes, that’s 14 million people logged in at one time, roughly the amount of US viewers the TV show Dancing With the Stars gets in a single night.

Of course DOTA 2 is still the top played game, followed by CS, Grand Theft Auto V, and ARK: Survival Evolved. There’s a massive dropoff between the first two and the rest, so it’s basically anyone’s race to win outside of Valve’s flagship titles.

Given how big Steam is I always expect them to hit any given milestone that’s set, but this is still really impressive for something that had such a rocky start and still employs some form of DRM on its users.

Steam Stats [Steam]

Top games by current player count

758,107 901,129   Dota 2
367,004 661,144   Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
73,825 111,545   Grand Theft Auto V
49,925 73,690   Team Fortress 2
36,513 74,413   ARK: Survival Evolved
34,930 70,446   Football Manager 2017
31,571 59,780   Rust
29,389 44,952   Warframe
23,534 63,107   Garry’s Mod
21,475 38,418   Paladins

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