A Steam client beta update adds Nintendo Switch Joy-Con support

Valve is test-running support for the Joy-Cons

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A pair of Nintendo controllers could be joining the list of Steam-supported input devices. In a new Steam client beta, Valve has added support for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.

The dual-unit controllers are, of course, primarily for the Nintendo Switch. But just in case you’ve been wanting to use them on your PC, some additional support is currently in the Steam beta.

Valve’s support allows for the Joy-Cons to be used individually, as mini-gamepads. Or they can be combined into a paired, singular controller. Essentially, the same controller configurations you might mess around with on your Switch.

If other Nintendo controllers are more your speed, the Steam client beta also has improved support for Nintendo Online classic controllers. That includes the Nintendo 64, NES, SNES, and Genesis controllers. Support for those classics rolled out last week, but it looks like Valve is improving on the support that’s already available.

Joyous controller options

It might seem a bit strange of an update, at first. I mean, I have tried to connect Joy-Cons to a PC before, with extremely mixed results. But official support isn’t just nice for those who don’t want to pick up extra controllers.

Joy-Cons are a pretty unique style of controller, with built-in sensors and everything. I’d only be speculating, but I’m interested to see what modders and other controller tinkerers can do with this.

And more controller support is never a bad thing. I’m almost tempted to try connecting these to a Steam Deck, if only to enable the bizarre dream of using Switch Joy-Cons on a portable PC.

Whether you’re just looking for some extra Rocket League controllers or concocting bizarre scenarios, it seems neat. If you want to try it out, you can simply opt into the Steam client beta and test out Joy-Con support for yourself.

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