Starfield The Scow Guide – Location and how to beat it

Persuasion works better than violence.

Captain Petrov in Starfield.

No Sudden Moves is a main mission that occurs around midway through the story. The mission has you recovering an artifact, but you’ll have to deal with The Scow to do that.

There are a few ways to complete this mission in Starfield, and this guide will show you the easiest way to claim the artifact and get one step closer to solving the mysteries surrounding these strange objects.

Captain Petrov in Starfield.
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Starfield – No Sudden Moves walkthrough

To start this mission, visit Vladimir in the Eye, and he’ll let you know that you’re traveling to the Scow. There, you’ll have to retrieve the artifact from Captain Petrov who has it in his collection of rare and exotic items.

You’ll find The Scow in the Procylon A system. Once you find it, you’ll have to decide how you’ll enter. Though it is possible to attack, be warned that you’re in for a tough battle. Instead, try your hand at persuasion. If you need a little help, consume some persuasion-boosting items such as Hippolyta.

Board peacefully and make your way to the main section of the spaceship where you’ll find plenty of art pieces on display. Go down the main aisle and you’ll see Petrov at the end, surrounded by his guards. Before you speak to him, take more persuasion-boosting items.

Persuade Petrov to show you his private collection. It shouldn’t be too hard if you shower him with compliments and play to his ego. Once he agrees, follow him to his collection. When the artifact is in sight, you might as well just start attacking Petrov, as he’s not going to give it to you voluntarily.

Fortunately, you won’t have to outright kill him if you don’t want to. He’ll relent after taking a few hits and ask for mercy, which you can grant him if he agrees to tell his men to stand down. With the artifact in your possession, you can return to the Lodge to add it to the collection.

There are plenty more artifacts to search for in Starfield, and you’ll acquire them by completing main missions. Visit Vladimir at the Eye to find the location of Temples where you can gain new powers.

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