Stardew Valley’s multiplayer update will feature local and online play


Stardew Valley is a real joyous game with the only lacking feature being the inability to share your land with friends. Creator Eric Barone has been diligently working on a patch to fix that issue and progress is moving smoothly. In some recent posts on Twitter, Barone clarified a few features that will be present when the update lands. He also noted that the new content update is completely finished and that all his attention is focused on getting the multiplayer patch out.

As you can see, LAN and online options will be present for multiplayer, so you’ll have no excuse for not playing with friends when the update comes out. While I have yet to get in on the game, multiplayer makes me very excited. I’m still patiently waiting for Nintendo to announce a new Animal Crossing, but Stardew Valley can certainly scratch that itch while I bide my time.

ConcernedApe [Twitter]

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