Stardew Valley is now playable on Mac and Linux

No time to rest

Whoo! As promised, Stardew Valley is now playable on Mac and Linux via Steam. If you own the indie-darling farm/life simulator already on PC, you won’t need to pay again for either of these ports (bless cross-buy support). They’re also expected to appear on “in a couple of days.”

I tried the Mac version for a few minutes, and everything looked and ran as well as I had hoped it would on my Air. My main PC save file wasn’t accessible from the cloud, but getting that data over manually shouldn’t be too much trouble. I’m glad to have something to play on my next flight.

“Multiplayer, version 1.1, console ports and localization are all still in the works and I’ll update everyone as soon as more info is available,” said creator Eric Barone. Very excited for co-op and the chance to get that division of labor going to achieve a bigger, better, smoother-running dream farm.

Stardew Valley now available for Mac & Linux! [Stardew Valley]

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