Star Wars podracing is pretty awesome in VR

As is dancing at the cantina bar

Someone went through the trouble of recreating Star Wars‘ Tatooine for the Oculus Rift and it is awesome. In the demo appropriately named Tatooine, you can visit the cantina where a dance party is taking place with the classic music intact, as well as join a podrace and more. 

Now before you all jump all over me for mispronouncing Tatooine, in my defense, I’m not a huge Star Wars nerd, just someone who has seen each of the movies maybe once. I will however admit to loving the Ewok Adventures spinoff movies as a child, and still owning both on VHS. I also missed a prime opportunity to yell “Now this is podracing!”

I just realized how old and lame I am. Oh well. 

Jed Whitaker